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Adventure holidaying as a lifestyle!

A series of questions we often get asked are;

How long do you work up here?
Answer: The season is 7 months long.

What do you do when you aren’t up here?
Answer: We plan on traveling and doing adventurous things.

WOW that sounds great! How did you get into this then?

So, this blog post is about the answer to that last question “How did you get into this then”?

Photo: Geoff & Hwee guiding through Hancock Gorge.

Friends driving me crazy

I am sure you all have one. I unfortunately have two; friends that is, who just know how to push your buttons. So picture this, I am sure you have been there… I am standing near the kitchen in the open plan office looking longingly out the window at the river. I have been practicing my paddling for about a year with thoughts of one day doing the Avon Descent. It’s flat, no wind, the sun is bright and the reflection from the 42nd floor is like a mirror.

Bing! Yes, the text message notification goes off in my pocket. Like we all do I appreciate the distraction from work and proceed to read the text;

“Hey loser guess where I am? I am looking down from Mt Nameless at the eye sore. Too windy to fly the paraglider but looking for places to fly. Been tripping around lets catch up when you aren’t working”

Damn him I think. He is only 10 years older than me… what right does he have to be retired and enjoying life!

Photo: Friends fishing on a secluded beach.

Phone back in pocket, back to my desk, headphones on and smash out the envy on the keyboard finishing a report no one will pay any attention to.

Same week different day, email this time.

“Hi Geoff hope you are well, having a ball in NZ, fishing is great walking is better. Will give you a call when we are back in Perth”

So, this is my second one. Well there’s two of them in this group; a husband and wife, same age as me and retired but traveling the world. Same result as the last, my poor laptop cops a hammering.

One solace though I remind myself, I have 2 months off coming up tripping to Tasmania in the 6x6 Land Rover motorhome that Hwee and I built.

Fast forward to the crossing on the ferry from Melbourne to Tassie. The 6x6 motorhome is working better than we thought or hoped, Hwee and I are happy to be together and having a ball. The conversations start.

Photo: Our 6x6 Land Rover motorhome

Are you having these conversation?

“How can we spend more time doing what we like?”
“What could we do that will give us the lifestyle we want?”
“Should we sell everything and become hippies and just travel the world?”

Ok so these are only just a subsection of the conversations Hwee and I had during the drive around Tassie. Land is cheap compared to Perth, the lifestyle when you are on holidays is relaxed. Yes I know we were on holidays so obviously it’s relaxed but that’s the point isn’t it? We were searching for a way to prolong that ideal.

We discussed buying land in Tassie and setting up a Land Rover wreckers selling parts online thereby creating a lifestyle we wanted. One where we could work some of the year to subsidise traveling the other parts of the year. We talk that over with the two, you know the ones from the previous section. Yes we were traveling in Tassie with both text message boy and email pair. I smile now, but let’s be honest only now can I because Hwee and I made the change. But back to the narrative. We also thought about a farm but that’s not a walk away and travel option, endless discussions...

To be continued in Part 2...

Published December 4, 2017



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